This short course is designed to help you create and develop a practice of meditation.  The course consists of four short audio sessions.  Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes so we recommend that you schedule about 45 minutes for each session.  This will allow you time to read the short brief that introduces you to the audio section of each session, listen to the audio and then reflect on the session.

Session 1 is a beginners guide to meditation explaining what meditation is and introduces you to a basic form of meditation practice.  

Session 2 is a guided meditation to help you to connect with and value your self more deeply

Session 3 is a guided meditation to help you become more calm and focused

Session 4 is a guided meditation to help you to be relaxed and at peace with what is

Course Evaluation is a short evaluation process that we ask you to complete.  It consists of choosing one of five options according to how beneficial you found the course and only takes a minute to complete.

The Diploma in Teaching Meditation Course cover three specific aspects of teaching meditation – the physical, psychological, and practical. 

PHYSICAL This section will include such points as; how to teach correct posture, breathing techniques, and dealing with symptoms such as tiredness and agitation. 

PSYCHOLOGICAL This section will include such points as; how to teach Mindfulness techniques, dealing with resistance, and implementing meditation in the daily lives of your students. 

PRACTICAL This section of the course will include such points as; session structure, payments, ongoing care, and communicating with your students.

This course does not provide any in depth instruction on how to meditate.  There is an expectation that students will have an existing detailed knowledge and experience in at least one form of meditation and that the student engages in a regular meditation practice.